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Sweden Wins Bronze

30.01 21:43

The Finnish team was more active on the ice during the first minutes of the match, but it settled down by the 5th minute. From then on, the teams were equal, exchanging attacks and counterattacks. Esa Tikkanen failed to capitalise on an awarded penalty shot, losing his team’s first chance to secure an early lead.

The Swedish team continued to focus on counterattacks, and one of them finally succeeded. In the 10th minute, Charles Berglund scored a goal after an assist by Christian Due-Boje. However, Finland tied the score almost immediately. Hannu Virta passed the puck to Petri Varis from behind the goal post, and Varis quickly put it past the Swedish goaltender.

In the end of the first period, Sweden was awarded a penalty shot, and Patrik Juhlin placed the puck and the goalie in different corners with masterful skill.

Just like in the first period, the second period started with a massive attack effort by the Finnish team, which resulted in a penalty shot. Mika Nieminen outplayed Ake Lilljebjorn sending the puck past the goalie to tie the score. Not for long, however. Mats Naslund put Ari Sulander on his back and once again put his team in the lead.

With 5 seconds to go before the end of the second period, Willy Lindstrom increased the goal difference: his first shot hit the goalie, but the follow-up shot was spot on.

Right after the second break Erik Hamalainen reduced the goal difference once again, and then Kai Nurminen tied the score for the Finns. Elated with success, Finland continued to attack, but Pekka Toumisto lost a great opportunity when he missed his penalty shot. But the Swedish team did not: Mats Naslund’s final score served to be the winning goal for Sweden.

30 January 2016, Moscow

FINLAND vs SWEDEN 4-5 (1-2, 1-2, 2-1)
0:1 Berglund (Due-Boje, Roupe) 10:00
1:1 Varis (Virta) 11:08
1:2 Juhlin 12:11 PS
2:2 Nieminen 17:10 PS
2:3 Naslund (Mikael Andersson) 18:57
2:4 Lindstrom (Anders Carlsson) 29:05
3:4 Hamalainen (Virta, Toumisto) 32:37
4:4 Nurminen (Stromberg, Tikkanen) 38:43
4:5 Anders Carlsson (Naslund) 41:19

Finland: Sulander (44:26 EN); Eloranta – Ruotsalainen, Hamalainen – Stromberg, Virta – Kuusisto; Tikkanen – Hamalainen – Kurri, Nurminen – Nieminen – Peltomaa, Palo – Kiviaho – Toumisto, Jarvi – Porvari – Varis.
Sweden: Lilljebjorn (23:05 Wanhainen); Albelin – Eriksson, Rohlin – Due-Boje, Lars Karlsson – Peter Andersson; Naslund – Anders Carlsson – Juhlin, Roupe – Pettersson – Ohling, Lindstrom – Berglund – Kenneth Andersson, Mikael Andersson.

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