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Pavel Bure Leads Russia to Final

30.01 00:05

In the 5th minute, Esa Tikkanen performed a sensational shot scoring top shelf into the near corner, however it only took Russia three minutes to tie the score: Roman Ilyin spectacularly outmanoeuvred his opponent, toe dragging the puck past the goalie.

The match continued to be wide-open with both goalies, Maxim Mikhaylovsky and Ari Salander, busy at work. With three minutes to go before the first break, Ilyin could have put Russia into the lead, but failed to convert on his penalty shot.

In the second period, Russia kept up the momentum by carrying out dangerous attacks, and finally succeeded in the 19th minute, when Sergei Fedorov made a brilliant drive across the rink and got the puck past Sulander.

After that it was Pavel Bure’s moment of fame. In just over two minutes he scored twice, and went on to score the third time in the third period. But before it happened Rejo Ruotsalainen reduced the goal difference for the Finnish squad. However, Valery Kamensky scored just 52 seconds before the end of the match, and this was the last goal scored in the match.


29 January 2016, Moscow
RUSSIA vs FINLAND 6-2 (1-1, 3-0, 2-1)
0:1 Tikkanen (Kurri) 4:14
1:1 Ilyin (Tyurikov, Varitsky) 5:58
2:1 Fedorov (Fetisov, Kasatonov) 18:35
3:1 Bure (Fetisov, Kasatonov) 26:06
4:1 Bure (Fetisov) 28:21
4:2 Ruotsalainen (Nieminen) 32:13
5:2 Bure 33:28
6:2 Kamensky 44:08 PS

Russia: Mikhaylovsky; Fetisov – Kasatonov, Malakhov – Byakin, Frolov – Shargorodsky, Tyurikov; Fedorov – Larionov – Bure, Kamensky – Zhamnov – Kovalenko, Prokhorov – Ilyin – Varitsky, Mishukov.
Finland: Sulander; Eloranta – Ruotsalainen, Hamalainen – Stromberg, Kuusisto; Tikkanen – Hamalainen – Kurri, Nurminen – Nieminen – Peltomaa, Palo – Kiviaho – Toumisto, Jarvi – Porvari – Varis.


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