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Russia Became Champion of the First Season

30.01 22:24

Russia and the Czech Republic faced off in the final, the main match of the World Hockey Legends League first season.

The Russian legends dominated the first period with Andrei Kovalenko scoring the team’s first goal in a penalty shot, followed by an exemplary attack by Pavel Bure and Vyacheslav Fetisov. All Sergei Fedorov was left to do was to tip the puck towards the goal post, a final touch that was executed perfectly. In just a minute Vitaly Prokhorov received an excellent pass from Roman Ilyin and went on to score Russia’s third goal.

In the last minutes of the first period the Czech team reduced the goal difference when Jan Peterek scored a penalty shot, showing speed that would make an active professional envious.


In the beginning of the second period, Fedorov scored his second goal, but the Czech team quickly responded with the goals by Richard Zemlicka and Radek Toupal. In the beginning of the final period Zemlicka even succeeded to tie the score, annihilating Russia’s seemingly solid three-goal lead.

However, Valery Kamensky responded by putting the home team ahead, and within four minutes Prokhorov, Bure and Ilyin recovered and added to the lead, now standing at four goals.

It was Peterek who scored the last goal in the match and the whole tournament by tipping the puck past the goalie following a pass by Zemlicka to the far side.

Ari Sulander (Finland) was named best goalie of World Legends Hockey League first season, Vyacheslav Fetisov (Russia) got the best defence player title, and Mats Naslund (Sweden) was named best attacking player. Pavel Bure finished the competition as its best sniper with seven goals under his belt. In addition, Pavel Bure and Fetisov earned 8 points each to become top scorers.


30 January2016, Moscow
CZECH REPUBLIC vs RUSSIA 5-8 (1-3, 2-1, 2-4)
0:1 Kovalenko 6:13 PS
0:2 Fedorov (Bure, Fetisov) 10:45
0:3 Prokhorov (Shargorodsky, Ilyin) 11:57
1:3 Peterek 13:16 PS
1:4 Fedorov (Ilyin) 17:41
2:4 Zemlicka (Peterek) 22:06
3:4 Toupal (Nedved, Patera) 22:52
4:4 Zemlicka (Peterek, Kucharcik) 30:55
4:5 Kamensky (Kovalenko) 31:34
4:6 Prokhorov 32:07 PS
4:7 Bure (Larionov, Fetisov) 35:35
4:8 Ilyin (Varitsky, Prokhorov) 36:11
5:8 Peterek (Zemlicka) 41:05
Czech Republic: Biegl (15:00 Marcel Kucera); Frantisek Kucera –Vykoukal, Reznicek – Nedved, Scerban – Malinsky, Maskarinec; Zemlicka – Kucharcik – Peterek, Toupal – Janecky – Patera, Krasny – Pospisil – Hostak, Korinek.
Russia: Mikhaylovsky; Fetisov – Kasatonov, Malakhov – Byakin, Frolov – Shargorodsky, Tyurikov; Fedorov – Larionov – Bure, Kamensky – Zhamnov – Kovalenko, Prokhorov – Ilyin – Varitsky.


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