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Russia Beats Germany

21.11 23:14

Unfortunately, the captain of the Russian team, Vyacheslav Fetisov, was unable to take part in the match, but the Russian team offset his absence after Igor Larionov arrived from the other side of the Atlantic to take part in the match. Four minutes into the match, Larionov, who is also called The Professor, made his signature pass to Andrei Kovalenko, who pushed the puck past Leonard Conti. By that time, Russia was already in the lead after a goal by Valery Kamensky.

After that for almost ten minutes both teams did not manage to get the puck in the net. Then, Gunter Oswald reduced the difference in goals after an assist by Michael Bresagk. However, only 20 seconds later the visiting team restored its two-point lead after a goal by Pavel Bure.

Bure scored twice during the match, as did Vitaly Prokhorov, taking turns scoring Russia’s goals three to six.
In the third period the match became somewhat less intense. After a foul by Lorenz Funk Russia was awarded a penalty shot, which was realized by Igor Mishukov, bringing the score to 1:7. Stefan Steinbock was the last to score during the match after an assist by Bernd Wagner and Terry Campbell.

In the first half of the match Maxim Mikhaylovsky defended Russia’s goal, and was replaced by Sergei Zvyagin, who was making his League debut. The two goalies let past one goal each. In the German team Dirk Voss replaced Leonard Conti after the sixth goal.


 21 November 2015, Landshut
GERMANY VS RUSSIA 2-7 (1-3, 0-3, 1-1)
0:1 Kamensky 2:46
0:2 Kovalenko (Larionov) 3:39
1:2 Oswald (Bresagk) 12:43
1:3 Bure 13:02
1:4 Prokhorov 17:40
1:5 Bure 26:12
1:6 Prokhorov (Zvyagin) 28:01
1:7 Mishukov 36:04 PS
2:7 Steinbock (Wagner, Campbell) 38:50
Germany: Conti (30:00 Voss); Hiemer – Wagner, Bresagk – Frenzel, Gulda – Medicus, Blum; Funk – Rumrich – Reindl, Oswald – Steiger – Daffner, Betz – Soccio – Doucet, Steinbock – Streu - Campbell
Russia: Mikhaylovsky (21:29 Zvyagin); Malakhov – Kasatonov, Byakin – Shargorodsky, Frolov – Sapozhnikov; Kamensky – Zhamnov – Bure, Ilyin – Larionov – Kovalenko, Mishukov – Boldin – Prokhorov, Kozhevnikov, Varitsky

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