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Czech Republic dominates Sweden

29.01 23:18

The World Legends Hockey League superfinal started with a faceoff between the Czech Republic and Sweden.

The Czech team opened the score with its very first shot when Radek Toupal scored from an acute angle in the second minute into the match. However, Sweden was quick to respond when Anders Carlsson sent his awarded penalty shot past the Czech goalie.

The Czech legends made it impossible for Sweden to leave their side of the rink by conducting long and elaborate attacks and taking dangerous shots on the Swedish goal. Sweden’s goalie Ake Lilljebjorn performed miracles in defending the goal post, but fell short of stopping three goals. Jaroslav Nedved scored the first goal with a spectacular shot into the top corner, followed by Martin Hostak not long before the first period expired, followed by a goal by Tomas Kucharcik.

In the second period, the Czech side remained on the offensive, while Sweden opted for counterattacks and sudden strikes. Toupal was awarded a penalty shot, but was unable to overcome Lilljebjorn. However, later he did score from an open play.

Lilljebjorn was replaced in the net by Rolf Wanhainen on the 23rd minute, and a goal by Josef Reznicek followed without delay. After that Kucharcik scored his second goal, bringing the score to 7:1.

In the third period, Magnus Roupe scored for Sweden and Martin Maskarinec for the Czech Republic. Radovan Biegl and Mats Naslund earned match MVP titles.


29 January 2016, Moscow
CZECH REPUBLIC – SWEDEN 8:2 (4:1, 3:0, 1:1)
1:0 Toupal (Янецки, Patera) 1:08
1:1 Anders Carlsson 2:28 PS
2:1 Nedved (Reznicek) 4:05
3:1 Hostak (Krasny) 12:01
4:1 Kucharcik (Vykoukal, Peterek) 12:53
5:1 Toupal (Zemlicka) 18:58
6:1 Reznicek 25:53 PS
7:1 Kucharcik (Zemlicka) 27:44
7:2 Roupe (Rohlin) 31:45
8:2 Maskarinec (Pospisil, Hostak) 38:26

Czech Republic: Biegl (25:27 Kucera); Frantisek Kucera –Vykoukal, Reznicek – Nedved, Scerban – Malinsky, Maskarinec; Zemlicka – Kucharcik – Peterek, Toupal – Janecky – Patera, Krasny – Pospisil – Hostak, Korinek.
Sweden: Lilljebjorn (22:43 Wanhainen); Albelin – Eriksson, Rohlin – Due-Boje, Lars Karlsson – Peter Andersson; Naslund – Anders Carlsson – Juhlin, Roupe – Pettersson – Ohling, Lindstrom – Berglund – Kenneth Andersson, Mikael Andersson

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